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Welder in El Paso

If you’re looking for affordable, highly-reviewed, and reliable welding services, then Kalisch Steel is your best choice. We have been providing commercial customers with accuracy and experience for years, and we do not aim to just stay local. We are reviewed for being able to provide for cities outside of Texas for high-demanding civil projects across the country. Make an appointment today to learn what about what are welding shop can do for you.

In-House Welding Shop Only at Kalisch Steel

The professionals at Kalisch Steel have the ability to weld many types of steel and metals that are utilized by a variety of industries including heavy-duty transmission, architectural manufacturing, aviation, and building companies. Welding fabrication guarantees strong and permanent joints by creating strong bonds between metals. Whether your facility’s walls or roofing structures need joints, welding fabrication can protect your warehouse from caving in. Our in-house welding shop welcomes every kind of customer with top-quality maintenance welding along with steel and structural fabrication.

Welder gently works on steel material for precise and accurate cuts at the Kalisch Welding Shop

Our Welding Services

The professionals at Kalisch Steel are certified welders who boast a vast array of knowledge and skills to be able to provide for any kind of project. Whether you are in need of fabrication, welding, or metal repair, our services are best suited for your needs. Our welding services include:

  • Structural steel fabrication
  • Stud/arc/heliarc welding
  • Plasma cutting
  • Metal decking
  • Steel joists
  • Steel reinforcing
  • Hydraulic repair
  • Tig welding

Materials We Can Weld

Every metal varies in terms of melting points and cell structures, therefore some materials have better compatibility with welding techniques. Kalisch Steel utilizes only the best and high-performing supplies of steel metal to help you construct durable, heavy-duty, and tough structures. The materials we use to weld consist of:

  • Stainless steel
  • Black steel
  • Aluminum (Floor plates)

If you want to learn more about how these materials can be applied to your work facility, equipment, and safety, contact us for more information. 

Our Certifications

Kalisch Steel ensures that every employee undergoes training and completion of courses in order to receive certification to perform high-risk projects. Our entire staff obtains a collection of welding, forklift, and CDL certifications to secure the safety of each employee, on and off-site. 

Why Choose Kalisch Steel for All Your Welding Needs

By taking up welding services at Kalisch Steel, our professionals will be able to meet the custom measurements, lengths, and widths necessary to complete your project with precision. Being able to perform welding projects in-house allows us to offer more options to our customers which call for meticulous designs. Additionally, our in-house welding team can overcome any assembly issue or complement metal parts to create the advantage of cost savings and added strength.

Accurate Results, Quick Turnaround

Kalisch Steel prioritizes customer satisfaction. Many customers have come to our welding shop in need of a large supply material within a tight time frame. Any kind of steel service, fabrication, or material you may need, it is guaranteed to be found here at Kalisch Steel. We are honored to be El Paso’s go-to welding supplier and we make it a goal to expand and deliver to customers in need, even outside of the city. 

Choose Us For Our Welding Solutions

When you choose Kalisch Steel, it is never just a weld. We channel systems-engineering and problem-solving expertise to develop robust precision welding solutions that meet diverse client needs. Contact us at (915) 599-2044 to learn more about what our welding shop can do for you.