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Prefabricated Buildings in El Paso

Kalisch Steel is a local, reputable provider offering the best steel products for commercial and industrial use. With our team of experienced welders, we are more than capable of providing accuracy, affordability, and reliability when utilizing our in-house supply of highly-rated steel metal. It’s important that you choose a highly-reviewed steel supplier for all your industrial and business goals, so make an appointment with us today to learn more about our rates and products. 

Choose Kalisch Steel for All Your Prefab Needs

Different kinds of construction materials suit different construction and industrial goals. By opting for prefabricated buildings from Kalisch Steel, customers can expect our steel professionals to manufacture with precision and customization. Kalisch Steel proudly provides steel buildings for businesses of any size and industry. We specialize in providing prefabricated structures and materials for the following:

  • Manufacturing facilities and warehouses
  • Office buildings
  • Retail metal buildings
  • And more

With customizable modular construction space for commercial, educational, medical, and many other industries, Kalisch Steel can go beyond your standards and supply you with a resistant and durable facility to last you and your business a lifetime of production. 

Prefabricated Buildings

Prefab Buildings Available from Kalisch Steel

Our welders have experience in designing steel metal prefabricated buildings to fit just about any type of project, whether it be for industrial, recreational, or commercial use. We have been able to construct the following structures with our supply of steel:

  • Carports
  • Commercial and industrial
  • Storage
  • Metal workshops
  • Agriculture buildings 

Incorporated metal helps these industrial structures last longer, withstand extreme conditions, and sustain items and business material. Kalisch Steel is not limited to the above prefab buildings and we are open to customizing these structures to your every use and need.

Materials Used in Prefab Buildings

Kalisch Steel incorporates a variety of steel materials when constructing prefabricated buildings. These structures typically obtain steel frames, steel wall panels, steel, and concrete floor decks. In order to successfully develop steel buildings for countless uses, we use the following material:  

  • Beams
  • Columns
  • Joist 
  • B-decks
  • Channels

These materials are also known for adding special features such as roof curbs and jacks, vents, insulation, roll doors, walk doors, liners, and much more.

Why Choose Our Products

Kalisch Steel precisely fabricates and frames beams, columns, and other steel materials to accommodate the openings and clearings your operations and facility requires. By choosing our steel products to manifest your desired prefab building, you can include advanced features and high-quality material.

Benefits of Prefabricated Buildings: Durable, Affordable, Available

There’s no need to build or opt for anything else when prefabricated buildings can be sourced from the in-house welding shop of Kalisch Steel. Prefab buildings are an optimal choice as they offer customizable solutions, durability, sustainability, and highly-efficient material utilization. Even more, these steel buildings can be designed to match the surrounding environment or stand out on its own as an architectural piece. Great strength without bulkiness, weather-tolerant, reusable, and waste-saving, prefabricated buildings are an ideal choice for any and all businesses and industries.

Our Prefab Design Process

Here at Kalisch Steel, prefabricated metal buildings equate shorter construction and fabrication times. Each structure is designed and prebuilt for easy reassembly. Site work, such as preparation and foundation placement, can be completed concurrently as your building is being manufactured. Once complete, the structure is ordered to be shipped with all required hardware to the job site where it is assembled. The time for completion is significantly shorter as fabrication takes place in-house at Kalisch Steel. Additionally, shorter construction times translate into lower labor costs and earlier return for investment on your business’ behalf.

Contact Kalisch Steel, Today!

Here at Kalisch Steel, our prefabricated buildings are engineered, designed, and built to withstand the toughest conditions in regard to weather, outside forces, and work conducted within the facility. The durability of these steel structures guarantees the best productivity and foundation for your business. Contact us today to learn more about how our steel buildings and material can help you.