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Kalisch Steel is proud to be the best local steel supplier. We are highly-reviewed for offering industrial and commercial customers with affordable steel products and projects. Our experienced team always goes out of their way to provide reliable and accurate cuts and measurements when meeting customer requests.

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Kalisch Steel: The Best Choice for Steel Products and Supplies

Catering to structural engineering markets, construction, mining, the industrial sector, the cattle market, welders, and many others in need of professional steel fabrication. High-quality products and great service allow us to exceed in delivering, fabricating, welding, and building steel metal products. 

Welcome to Kalisch Steel, where top-quality steel supplying and fabricating meet. For complex steel parts and assemblies, our steel fabricators have the experience that you’re looking for in a high-volume steel fabricator. Our wide range of industrial steel fabrication equipment allows us to meet the various demands of modern equipment manufacturers. 

As the premier steel metal supplier of the Southwest, Kalisch Steel has proven to customers how customized, high-quality, and fabricated steel products can be produced at reasonable costs under specific production schedules that exceed customer expectations and standards. Our state-of-the-art machinery and equipment allow our steel fabricators to produce flat stamped, laser-cut, and plasma-cut parts of steel at any length and size to support your industrial facilities, operations, and structures. 

Services Offered by Our Steel Fabricators

We provide professional services for industrial and commercial customers alike. Kalisch Steel specializes in heavy steel fabrication work to grant customers with comprehensive, value-added solutions such as steel cutting and management to maintain low costs and efficient and effective manufacturing processes. Our services include: 

  • B-deck joist supplier
  • Custom structural steel fabrication
  • Estimation take off
  • Plasma cutting and designing
  • Rebar fabrication and reinforcement
  • In-house shop draw-ins for structural steel and rebar supplies and projects
  • Welding

Kalisch Steel aims to be your Tier-1 fabrication supplier and fabricator through our reliability, high-quality, and timely production and delivery that we can bring to your facility. Any need you may have regarding steel production, manufacturing, or fabricating, Kalisch Steel can perform. 

Benefits of Working With Our Steel Supply

The welders and professionals at Kalisch Steel have been top suppliers and fabricators for El Paso and the surrounding areas due to our unique proposition that we place within our customer relationships and requested projects. When you choose Kalisch Steel, you can expect to encounter a variety of benefits that you would not find anywhere else. 

Working with our steel supply calls for:

Speed of fabrication

By utilizing and providing structural speed, construction productivity is enhanced with the help of in-house fabrication. Throughout fabrication, our designers and steel specialists maintain close cooperation to save time when fabricating steel structures.

Low project costs

Structural steel remains the cost leader for the vast majority of construction projects. Structural steel framing systems that include decking and additional special features cost less than concrete framing systems.

High strength

Structural steel can withhold large amounts of weight and stress in both compression and tension. Traditional construction materials fail to meet the strength of structural steel.


Structural steel is the most recycled material and it can be reused without further processing. This material allows industrial sites and facilities to sustain their plots and structures to be used for other purposes as opposed to quarrying operations to provide aggregates or as landfills for construction waste material.

The benefits are endless when you choose structural steel from a specialized manufacturer and fabricator!

Rebar Steel Bar

¿What is a Rebar Steel Bar?

A rebar steel bar is a steel that is used in construction to reinforce concrete and provide extra strength and stability. Rebar steel bars come in a variety of sizes and lengths, and can be cut to your specific needs.

¿How is a Rebar Steel Bar Stirrup Bending Done?

The process of bending steel rebar into a stirrup shape is done by using a machine known as a rebar bender. This machine uses two dies, one on the top and one on the bottom, to bend the steel rebar around a central point. The operator of the machine will input the desired dimensions of the stirrup into the machine, and then the machine will bend the steel rebar to those specifications.

The operator of the machine will then input the desired dimensions of the stirrup into the machine, and then the machine will bend the steel rebar to those specifications.

And there you have it! That’s how a rebar steel bar stirrup is bent using a rebar bender machine.

¿What Are the Benefits to Bending Steel Rebar into a Stirrup Shape?

  1. Increased durability and strength: The stirrup shape provides increased durability and strength to the steel rebar, making it less likely to break or bend under pressure.
  2. Improved stability: The stirrup shape provides improved stability to the steel rebar, making it less likely to move or shift when placed in concrete.
  3. Reduced weight: The stirrup shape reduces the weight of the steel rebar, making it easier to transport and handle.
  4. Decreased costs: The stirrup shape decreases the amount of material used in the steel rebar, which can lead to decreased costs and money saving.

¿Why Choose Kalischsteel for Your Steel Rebar Stirrup Bending Needs?

  • Kalischsteel is leader in Texas providing rebar stirrup bending services in the United States.
  • Have a proven record of quality, timely, and affordable results for our customers
  • Offer 24/7 service so you can stay on schedule with your projects no matter when you need to have something bent

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