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Structural Steel in El Paso

Kalisch Steel is a local structural steel company that furnishes industries with affordable and reliable steel frameworks. Our products are the best and highly-reviewed for accuracy and precision. Commercial customers and industries are advised to work with an experienced steel supplier. Make an appointment with us today to learn more about our rates and how our steel products can help you achieve your industrial goals.

Structural Steel in El Paso

Kalisch Steel — El Paso’s Top Steel Framework Contractor

Structural steel can be applied to a number of uses within the construction industry. Structural steel is most responsible for designing and building predominantly industrial spaces. Kalisch Steel offers materials that are manufactured with a high strength to weight ratio, making our material ideal for constructing large structures such as buildings, warehouses, bridges, factories, and much more. Structural steel is necessary to help structures resist damage from various forces of impact and to sustain durability for years on end. With state-of-the-art equipment, keen eyes for design, and quality workmanship, Kalisch Steel is highly known and respected as one of the leading steel framing and fabrication companies in the nation.

All Our Structural Steel Fabrication Services and Products

Transforming massive steel beams and sheets into fully fabricated components to be applied to a structure with a specific architectural makeup requires a number of steps. These steps cannot be initiated without the right material. The steel products we carry include:

  • Pipe
  • Tube
  • Plates
  • Bar
  • R-panel
  • Angle
  • Steel perforated 
  • Welded steel grating
  • Beams
  • Flat bar 
  • Channels
  • Expanded metal
  • Decking sheet 
  • Galvanized steel 
  • Galvanized plain sheet 
  • Floorplates
  • Line pipe

Our products allow us to conduct the following steel framework services: 

  • CNC punching
  • CNC laser cutting
  • Bending
  • Tapping
  • Plating
  • Welding
  • Metal stamping
  • Design services

Who We Build For

Kalisch Steel is known for providing the city of El Paso with steel fabrication and projects that have helped frame our civic life, such as the I-10 freeway, local hospitals, hotels, and much more. We keep our steelworks and services open to any client that may find themselves in need of high-grade, heavy-duty material to sustain buildings and industrial structures. We have been able to serve the following industries:

  • Industrial buildings
  • Commercial construction
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Roadways and freeways
  • Transportation
  • Aviation
  • Mining
  • Shipbuilding

We are not limited to the above industries. Our steelwork pros are equipped to help all kinds of businesses suffice and meet their facility’s framework goals. 

We Have the Right Tools for the Job

Structural metal fabrication calls for cutting, bending, welding, and molding. These frameworks are to be precisely manufactured and produced, therefore they call for high-quality tools. Below are some of the highest quality brands we receive our equipment from:

  • Schnell (Rebar)
  • CNC plasma cutting table
  • Spiral
  • Piranha
  • Bandsaw
  • CRS full form steel sheets
  • Rebar Spiral Bender 

Each of these brands is known for releasing the latest lines of steel framework technology, power, and innovation. Kalisch Steel never settles for low-grade or low-performing equipment. We believe that utilizing industry-leading material is key to fabricating high-performing end products.

Why Choose Kalisch Steel for Structural Steel Fabrication

Kalisch Steel not only fabricates structural steel but we also go out of our way for our clients by distributing, welding, building, and delivering. The vast majority of steel companies limit their potential for enhanced services by only supplying metal materials. We are honored to house distribution, delivery, welding, and building services with steel specialties, all in one.

Choose Us for High-Volume Sheet Metal Fabrication

Kalisch Steel never fails to offer full-service precision steel metal manufacturing with world-class quality, repeatability, and delivery for industries all over. If you’re looking for overall satisfaction with metal works and products, we are your top choice. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist and finalize your project with our products and services.