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Kalisch Steel offers rebar fabrication for a vast array of construction and industrial projects. Rebar material is essential when creating foundations and support systems in buildings in order to sustain concrete and any other base-material. The rebar we offer, carry, and fabricate is high-performing and obtains elements that withhold tension-resisting forces to support the overall structure. Utilizing rebar also provides structures and buildings with tensile strength excavated throughout the material. Implementing rebar is a fixed skill, but that’s what our professionals are here for.

Rebar Sizes Available

We provide straight rebar on manual benders and on automated shears. We also offer custom rebar cages that are designed to meet your plan’s specs. Customers typically request 20 ft., 40 ft., 60 ft., but clients can feel free to request any other specific lengths. Contact us so we can learn more about what your project requires.

Rebar, Rebar Fabrication

Our Rebar Fabrication Services

The services we provide are ideal for structural engineering, detailed projects, concrete contractors, and building designers. Kalisch Steel prepares shop drawings for the placement of reinforcing steel. By providing the precise details on bends, shapes, and lap splices, we can meet the specific requirements of your project. Our services include the following:

  • Custom welding
  • Rebar shear 
  • Steel reinforcement
  • Detailing and shop drawings
  • Custom sheet metal

Why Choose Kalisch Steel for Your Reinforced Rebar Fabrication

Kalisch Steel is mindful of every project and we understand that some of these structures are responsible for accomodating civilian and city-based needs. When we are in the middle of fabricating, building, and delivering steel material, we ensure that we meet customer’s needs in regards to yield strength, bend test requirements, and composition. Furthermore, we obtain a well-stocked inventory that welcomes large and small orders.

Benefits of Using Rebar for Your Project

The use of rebar is crucial for many construction projects to ensure a flawless job. This material enables project and construction workers to incorporate thicker concrete material at lower costs. Steel also helps to prevent cracks, abuse, and abrasion during use. Its ability to expand and contract with changing temperatures is optimal for industries that utilize extreme temperatures during project operation.

How We Stick to Your Project Timeline

From consultation to completion, the professionals at Kalisch Steel work in a quick and efficient manner to transport our steel material from our facility to yours. We make note of our customers’ credentials, needs, and project materials and ensure that our welders are progressively crafting steel material at a pace that best benefits our clients.

Contact Kalisch Steel Today

Our services are devoted to you and your custom construction needs. Every revision for your requests is handled timely and professionally by providing the highest level of fabrication and customer service. Contact us by calling (915) 599-2044 to learn more about what our steel fabrication services entail.