To be the best choice in steel products, construction and industry materials. Our priority is to meet the need of our customers in a timely manner with creativity and dedication, through the integral development of our staff within a framework of social responsibility.


We are leaders in Steel, building and industry materials sales, ensuring a total customer satisfaction.
We are a team of competitive and committed associates.
We operate with efficient processes and systems.
We maintain a top market profitability for the benefit of partners and associates.
We are a socially responsible company.


Trust.- Good faith and the best choice among us as a teamwork, demonstrated with facts and attained through good work.
Unity.- Working together as a team in an effort to successfully reach shared goals in our company.
Rentability.- Reliable in our commitments by following the three established rules and customs.
We´re customers.- When exchanging products and services, this transaction should exceed mutual expectations and is an opportunity for continuous improvement.
Family.- Our company’s foundations. It is our duty to develop and enhance it.

Code of Ethics

Our code of ethics was created by our people and provides the right behaviors in our workplace:

Employees.- Maintaining an attitude of teamwork, harmony, loyalty, respect and communication with our co-workers.
Customers.- Building trust with our customers. Providing a service of excellence, being friendly and committed.
Suppliers.- Establishing healthy, transparent and prosperous partnerships with our suppliers.
Shareholders.- Working constantly in a productive manner, contributing to the bottom line.
Family.- .- Family is the foundation of our company, thus we must enhance and respect it, because it is the reason why we give our best.
Community.- Foster health , education, environmental stewardship, work, family values and strengthening values in our communities.

Quality Policy

Ensuring total customer satisfaction by selling quality steel products, construction and industrial materials by maintaining a continuous improvement of our processes with a team of committed and competitive employees.