Steel Deck

Is a cold formed sheet of corrugated steel supported by joists or beams of steel. It is used for supporting a roof’s concrete or insulating membrane. It was developed to provide the roof and floor systems with a structurally efficient product. The design and manufacturing optimize the steel ‘s properties to produce a high strength-to-weight ratio that decreases material handling and erection costs and retains durability.

There is a broad range of metal deck products available in the market today, but it is divided broadly into two categories: roof deck and composite floor deck. The metal deck is an element of the structural panel which acts as a floor or roof surface. The deck is roll-shaped from sheet steel of solid consistency and is designed to stretch over joist or purlins. Variations in a deck like thickness, shape, and Depth can be used to fulfill a number of loading conditions and ranges. The supporting structure is fastened to allow it to act as a diaphragm and to provide the lateral bracing for the framework.