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Metal Roofing in 2020: What You Need To Know

As the city of El Paso continues to expand and improve, construction companies across the city are building homes, warehouses, schools, and other buildings that the people of El Paso need. While companies in the city have continued to be on the cutting edge of construction, one area that is grabbing a ton of attention is metal roofing. 

Metal roofing is simply taking off in El Paso, and for good reason. But why are metal panels so popular in the Sun City, and what do you need to know about them for your next project? Check out our latest blog to find out! 

Metal Roofing: The Basics

Metal roofs come in a whole host of different materials and types. Roofs can be made of aluminum, steel, tin, zinc, copper and various composites. Metal roofs can also come in different configurations as well, like corrugated, standing seam, shingle, and more. 

Metal Roofing Material Types

As our name suggests, our team at Kalish Steel specializes in steel products, including our metal roofing panels. In this section, we’ll discuss some of the attributes that define the different roofing materials. 

Aluminum: Aluminum roofing has become more popular recently, and for good reason. Aluminum roofs are easy to install, 

Copper: In the roofing world, copper is known as one of the most beautiful styles of roof, and for good reason. It is a beautiful style of room, and is also a very old technology, used for centuries in different parts of the world. Copper is also resistant to the elements and fire, as well as being lightweight and long-lasting. 

Zinc: Zinc roofs have been in use for well over a century, and line the rooftops of residential roofs around the world, especially in Europe. It is self healing (from scratches), recyclable, long-lasting, and takes little energy to produce compared to other metals. Zinc can be relatively expensive, though, keeping some prospective buyers from purchasing it. 

Steel: Steel roofing, our expertise, has quite a lot going for it. For one, steel roofs regularly last 40-50+ years, with some lasting 100+ years with regular maintenance! Steel roofing is also incredibly durable, able to withstand hail, wind, fire, and other elements. 

Steel panels also provide energy efficiency to homes and businesses by reflecting heat, making your A/C work less hard during the hotter months. In addition, steel panels are 100% recyclable and are recycled often, adding to their environmental benefit. 

Lastly, steel panels are aesthetically pleasing, looking great in a variety of applications. Steel panels can be painted in a variety of colors to match the homes and businesses that they will be placed on. 

In the next section, we’ll discuss the different configurations that metal roofs can come in. 

Corrugated & Standing Seam Metal Panels

There are two main types of metal panels that are in use: corrugated and standing metal panels. 

Corrugated Metal Panels 

Corrugated metal panels, given their name for the wrinkles and folds that make up its design. Corrugated metal panels are a relatively simple design, having panels overlap in the troughs. The connections are held by simple screws with rubber washers. 

Corrugated metal panels have the benefit of being relatively cheap to make and can last a long time when installed correctly. Corrugated metal panels do have the downside of needing to be very carefully installed, due to the use of outside screws/washers. 

Standing Seam Metal Panels 

Standing seam metal panels, by contrast, are the crown jewel of metal panels. From homeowners, business owners, and roofing experts alike, there is a ton of praise being heaped on these panels. 

Remember how we said one flaw of corrugated metal panels? Standing seam takes care of that issue by having a different connection. Standing seam panels, as the name suggests, are characterized by seams where the panels connect. Instead of the screws being exposed, they are underneath the seam, eliminating the chance of leaks due to weak connections. 

Standing seam metal panels also look fantastic, and can come in various configurations to suit the needs of the project. With popper maintenance, standing seam metal roofs can last a lifetime or more. 

How Do I Know What Type Of Roof I Need? 

So now you know just a little bit more about metal roofs, but how do you know what you actually need? The short answer is that you simply need to consult with a dedicated roofing team. To determine the type of roof you need, an expert will need look over your building and determine what’s best for you, 

Trust Kalisch Steel For Your Next Roof! 

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